Chair Lifts & Carriers for Vehicles

 Pride Vehicle Lift 

External Mobility Lifts

External mobility carriers are designed to carry your manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or mobility scooter on the outside of your vehicle. They attach to the vehicle’s hitch in the rear. The amount of weight you can place on external mobility carrier depends on the vehicle’s hitch rating. A cover is highly recommended when you use your wheelchair or scooter with an external mobility carrier.

Internal Mobility Lifts

Internal mobility lifts are designed to lift your manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or mobility scooter into your vehicle for transport. Lifts for trunks, rear storage areas, and truck beds are available. Most internal mobility lifts operate like a crane, but higher end ones have platforms that extend to the ground outside your vehicle allowing you to simply drive onto the platform and load at the touch of a button.

Hand-Operated Lifts and Carriers

Hand-operated lifts and carriers do not require any connection to your vehicle’s battery greatly simplifying installation, just attach them to your vehicle’s hitch. These lifts use ramps that make sure loading your power wheelchair or mobility scooter is virtually effortless.

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Chair Lifts & Carriers for Vehicles
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